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Face Shield

Oakridge Face Shields | Clear Optic Shield | Light Weight
Maximum Eye Protection | ADJUSTABLE Plastic Headband

Product Description:

  • Available for wholesale, or in packs of 2 or 3 for personal use.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND – has a sturdy and unique baseball cap style,
    adjustable band. Other shields on the market have cheap, elastic bands
    that are either too loose or too tight and NOT adjustable! Our specially
    designed Oakridge Face Shields are designed by professionals for
    professionals to wear for a full 8-hour shift.
  • PROTECTS FACE – from spit, sneezes, blood, chemicals, etc.
    CDC approved design.SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
  • OPTICALLY CLEAR – wrap-around safety design – 14″ wide by 8″
    high by 0 12 mil thick PET plastic- very strong | GLASSES will comfortably
    fit under the shield | Won’t smear makeup
  • NOT MADE IN CHINA. These reusable shields are made right here in our factory in Chicago.